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Mission: To develop our youths and prepare them to become tomorrow's leaders!

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Denden Youths Graduates 2023 Denden Youths Graduates 2023

Denden Youths - High School Class of 2021 Graduates.
Denden Youths Graduates 2021










Denden Youths Graduates 2021
Denden Youths 2021 Graduates
"Annual High School Graduation Celebration, Mentors, Coaches and Parents appreciation day."

The Denden Story: Denden Sport Club was founded in 2005 by few concerned parents that want their kids to grow up playing soccer and experiencing the love of Eritrean brotherhood & sisterhood similar to their up-bringing with youth sport life!

Brief Summary of Denden Youth's Organization History (2005 - 2023)

  • 2024 - Planning to upgrade and exapnd Sports, Learning Center staffing, Academic programming such as group tutoring as well as exapand Summer events (Graduations and Carnivals). Area's that require continues focus and effort is girls/women empowerment programs and DLCC academics programs.
  • 2023 - Denden held a successful fundraising event at ECCM, with broad Volunteer participations and a cultural show by our youths and tranditional cloths/items auction that brought in over 40K and additional funding from local philentraphic partners that made DLCC Center opening.
  • 2022 - The Denden made good progress with programs reboot, financiali stability, Academic Programs kick-off and College Prep activities. Prioritizing Operational Excellence items (leadership, financial, facility). Additional effort and investments on Girls Empowerment's activities and shifting focus more toward Learning resources development, Academic support and College Prep activities (SAT/ACT exam Prep, seminars, field trips, etc.)
  • 2021 The Pandemic had severely impacted our team and operations and is currently in rebounding with limited activities in prep for 2022 reboot.
  • 2020 - Pandemic Impacted Denden's major activities and social events. Thus, as advised by Federal and state health officials, we temporarily halted most organizational events and sport activities.
  • 2019 - Denden successfully hosted 2nd National Sport festival in Woodbury, MN with 24 teams and over 1500 visitors from all over the US. The organization also held it's first annual graduation events and won many major sport tournaments and competitions.
  • 2018 - Major progress on organization capabilities with new board members focused on Strategic planning, financial sustainability, shift focus to external funding level and Operational Excellence. Successfully hosted a major event (2000+ participants), large events, conducted member's education and wellness survey and action plan. Multiple youth programs and increased parents engagements.
  • 2017 - 2018 Basketball program was officially added and the financial stability addressed with multiple grants from local organizations. Members base expanded, volunteerism and programs execution was improved.
  • 2016 - Limited progress made, first grant of 10K received from the St. Paul foundation.
  • 2015 - Expanded to have a Board of Directors and Organizational Bylaws, this was needed to address organizational structure, improve financial stability and new youth p/rograms development and expansion of sport activities.
  • 2006 -14 - Continued weekly practices and annual events Youth programs trips and tournaments related activities (weekly practice, games, local events, tournaments and practices)
  • 2005 - Started Youth Soccer team started organized event (weekly practice, games, local events, tournaments and practices)

  Denden Girls Soccer
Denden Girls Empowerment/Impact: Girls Soccer Teams and Mentors

Denden Youths at FMSC Volunteer Event!
DENDEN Youths Community Service Event (@Feed My Starving Children) Volunteer Event (Eagan, MN)
Denden Youths at FMSC Volunteer Event!

"Denden Basketball team in action, Annual Summer games tournament competitions."

Denden Youths Basketball
"Denden Girls with Cultural Touch during our Summer Sport Festival Event (Woodbury, MN)."
Denden Girls Cultural Show
Denden Girls Trophy Awards
SUMMER Event Award Show (ERSFNA Sport Festival)
(Woodbury East Ridge High School)

Denden Youths Today!
DENDEN 2019 Graduates with their Parents & Coaches (Lake Elmo, MN - JUN 12, 2019) --

Denden Youths Today!
DENDEN Sponsors & Volunteer HealthCare Staff Supporting Youth teams during their events.

Denden Youths Today!
DENDEN Guests from California (2019 Sport Festival)

Denden Parents/Volunteers at ERSFNA!
DENDEN Volunteers at our Summer Event (2019)
(Location: Woodbury East Ridge High School)

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Dear Denden Members and Guest, Your support is greatly appreciated. Comments, suggestion and questions are welcome.

Denden as a member run small non-profit organization 501(c), we are always appreciative of your support. Please pledge one of the amount to help our Organization provide youth development services to local undeserved kids. Whatever amount you can donate is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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